Beescoin Home Page

Click here to visit BEESCOIN Home Page, from where you can sign-up for BEESCOIN account, login to check your BEESCOIN balance, and redeem your BEESCOIN across various categories. You will also get a search bar where you can search anything across BEESCOIN.

Procedure to claim your BEESCOIN

No login required to Claim your BEESCOIN. Search below the category of your choice and do a sucessful activity over there. Take a proof of your activity like: Screenshot of page with ORDER ID, Screenshot of page with TRANSACTION ID, E-BILL etc, and click here to claim your BEESCOIN. We will cross check the activity and transfer your earned BEESCOIN to your account.

Q. What is Beescoin

A. Beescoin is a reward currency which can be earned by you on transacting on any kind of selected activities done across the category

Q. How can we earn Beescoin

A. You can search anything you are looking for and make an activity over there like purchase. After that, you have to send an email from your registered email id to us with the proof of activity. On checking it, we will credit the relevant BEESCOIN to your account.

Q. How long I have to wait for my BEESCOIN to get credited

A. Depending upon the website, company or offer you may have to wait from 30 days to 90 days

Q. What if the BEESCOIN are not credited to my Account

A. Your BEESCOIN will get credited for sure, if you have not done any of the following thing: return or refund, activity from app, already items added on cart